My Commitment to YOU the BPU Member

  • 1. Affordability – Vote to place the word “Affordable” in the BPU Mission Statement to make Affordability Top Priority in every decision YOUR BPU makes.
  • 2. PILOT TAX – Vote to Remove PILOT TAX from YOUR BPU bill.  It is a City tax not a BPU Tax.
  • 3. Pending Rate Increases – Vote Against Rate Increases scheduled for 2017 & 2018 unless YOU vote for them.
  • 4. Green Energy – Vote for Only Rate Reducing Green Energy that reduces YOUR individual rates and bill.
  • 5. Fees – Vote to Reduce Excessive Fees which exceed the true cost of service for the fee.


Author: Kevin Braun

Candidate: Board of Public Utilities (BPU) At Large Position 1

One thought on “My Commitment to YOU the BPU Member”

  1. I have heard that the people of Wyandotte are to pay the lighting bill for the Community america ball park . ? I want to know why did the BPU let their light bill get so out of control, They would not let any homeowner let their bill get that out of control. [Reminder one of the poorest COUNTIES in the state of KANSAS ]


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